Taste bitter and cold.

The main five internal evils, heat, diminishes thirst, and Zhoubi. Long service, strong muscles and bones, light body and not old (“Yu Lan” is for resistant to old age). One is the root of the vine, the other is the bones of the earth, the other is the goji, and the other is the auxiliary. Life time Ze.

“Wu Pu” said: wolfberry, one wolfberry, one goat milk. (“The Royal View”)

“Famous Doctor” said: a goat milk, a cold summer, a fairy stick, a western queen mother stick, Shengchang Mountain, and the bank of Zhuqiu Ling, picking roots in winter, leaves in spring and summer, stems in autumn, dried in the shade .

The case “Shuowen” says: Following, goji also. Chinese wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry; “Guangya” cloud: ground tendon, Chinese wolfberry; “Erya” cloud: Chinese wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry; Guo Puyun: modern Chinese wolfberry; “Mao Shi” cloud: Jizi Baoqi; “Biography” cloud: Qi , Gou Ye; Lu Jiyun: Bitter berries ripen in autumn, are red, take it lightly and replenish qi; “Legend of Immortals” says: Lu Tongshilu Lu Mushi; “Baopuzi·Xianyao” says: Xiangchai, a supporter Lu, yes too. Or it is called the fairy rod, or the queen mother of Yunxi rod, or Tianmenjing, or the name is old, or the bones of the earth, or the wolfberry.