Commonly used vulvar lotion in gynecology and Sophora Sophorae-妇科常用外阴洗剂苦参汤

Kushen Soup


One liter of Sophora flavescens (30g)


Take a bucket of water, decoct 7 liters, decontaminate, smoke and wash, three times a day (modern usage: decoction for juice, smoke and wash the lower part, 3 times a day).


If the throat is eroded in the lower part, the throat will be dry, and the Sophora flavescens decoction will wash it. (The third and the eleventh syndrome of lily fox confused yin and yang disease veins)


This prescription is mainly used to treat the syndrome of eclipse before fox disease. Zhong Jing’s so-called “corrosion in the lower part” refers only to the corrosion and ulceration of the anterior yin. This syndrome is caused by the betting of heat toxin in the liver meridian. Because the liver meridian of the foot Jueyin, the yin organs, reach the lower abdomen, and pass through the throat, the heat toxin rushes through the meridian from bottom to top, and the throat is dry. Sophora flavescens decoction is used to fumigate and wash the yin before it is bitter in nature. It is good at clearing heat and dampness, detoxifying and killing insects. This prescription can also be used for women’s damp heat and toxic betting, vaginal itching and men’s scrotal eczema.


1. Itching of the vulva (trichomoniasis vaginitis)

Zhao Mingrui’s medical record: Liang, female, 35 years old. Suffering from leucorrhea betting for 3 years, it has worsened in the past 1 year, and complicated by genital itching is unbearable. After gynecological examination, he was diagnosed as “trichomoniasis vaginitis”. After 2 courses of treatment with metronidazole, the effect is not obvious. After smoking with Sophora flavescens decoction, smoked for 1 hour every night, and took Chinese medicine for clearing away heat and dampness. After 2 weeks, the itch was relieved. After several gynecological examinations, there was no trichomoniasis in the vagina, and the inflammation was healed.


It can be seen that Sophora flavescens is very good at clearing away heat and dampness, detoxifying and killing insects.

Second, scrotal eczema

Medical case of Wang Zhanxi: Ni XX, male, 38 years old. Suffered from scrotal eczema for more than one month and came to see a doctor before November 23, 1971. A month ago, the patient felt itching in the scrotum. Yellow water would flow when scratched. Afterwards, eczema was seen around the glans and anus, especially the scrotum. He had used fluocinolone and traditional Chinese medicine lotion for external use. The back glans was ulcerated, the patient’s itching was unbearable, the tongue was pale and the fur was dark and the pulse was slow and slippery. The betting was for damp and heat. Then 30 grams of Sophora flavescens was injected, decocted and washed outside, and taken orally with Longdan Xiegan Decoction. Healed by washing six times.


The liver meridian heat toxin bet the card, so it was fumigated and washed with Sophora flavescens decoction. Add Longdan Xiegan Pills to increase the clearing and damp heat and turbidity of the liver.

This article is excerpted from “Selected Cases of Famous Doctors of the Golden Chamber”