Talking about the Usage of Xiaoxuming Decoction to Treat Stroke and Hypertension-谈小续命汤治疗中风、高血压的用法


The earliest record of Xiaoxunming Decoction can be found in Xiaopinfang by Chen Yanzhi, a famous physician in the Han, Wei and Jin Dynasties. Because of the remarkable effect of this prescription in treating stroke, it was regarded as the “most important of all soups” by the doctors at that time. Later, Sun Simiao received the “Prescriptions for Emergency Prepared Thousands of Money”, and determined that its functions are: strengthening the body and dispelling wind, attending to the skewed eyes of the external stroke, acute muscles and veins, hemiplegia and other diseases. The prescription for the treatment of apoplexy was quite extensive before the Tang and Song dynasties, and its importance is unquestionable. For example, “Preparation for Emergency Thousands of Funds and Prescriptions · All Winds” put Xiaoxuanming Decoction at the top of the wind treatment agents, and there are continuations. There are a number of prescriptions like Mingtang, and Wang Tao’s “Secrets of the Outside Taiwan” is also arranged in this way. It shows the important position of Xiaoxuming Decoction in the treatment of apoplexy before the Tang and Song Dynasties.


Licorice, ephedra, fangji, ginseng, cassia twig, scutellaria, chuanxiong, almonds, peony, one or two each, one and two and a half fangfeng, five liang of ginger, and one cannon for aconite


Top ten things, take nine liters of water and cook three liters. Divided into three servings, very good. It is better to take three or four doses if it is not bad. Sweat is as light or heavy as the person is. Some people have weak feet to take this prescription, to six or seven doses are poor. There are rubella family, and the Tianyin Festival changes to take it to prevent febrile disease.


Warming the meridian through the yang, expelling wind and strengthening the body.


In the treatment of stroke, the wind is dying, the body is in a state of urgency, the speech is not correct, the tongue is too strong to speak, dying, mentally confused, all wind suits are tested, and it is not empty.


In the prescription, ephedra, cassia twig, fangfeng, anti-self, expelling wind and dampness are used to open the surface; if the evil is stuck outside, the qi inside will not be announced, so depression will turn heat, and almonds should be used to benefit, and Huangqin should be used to clear it; and evil The qi must be weak, so ginseng and licorice are used to replenish qi; white peony root and chuanxiong can protect the camp and blood; use aconite can not only tonic the power of medicine, but also help ephedra to perform its performance; ginger and jujube are used Introduced to reconcile the camp and the guard.

【Summary of Clinical Application】

“Lingshu·Five Changes”: “If the flesh is not firm, if the body is weak, it will be good for the wind.” The body’s righteousness is weak, and the wind is caused by the external attack of the cold. Due to the lack of righteousness, the body is loose, and the evil of wind and cold will drive straight in. Direct access to the meridian is a true stroke. Xiaoxunming Decoction has the function of warming the meridian and promoting yang, strengthening the body and dispelling wind, and can be used in western medicine for cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism, subarachnoid hemorrhage, hypertensive encephalopathy, etc.

Clinical symptoms: wind evil middle meridian, fast muscles and pulse, hemiplegia, crooked mouth and eyes, astringent language, strong headache, or confusion, etc. The tongue is light and the fur is thin and greasy, and the tongue is hard or shortened and trembling. The pulse floats back or floats slowly.

【Clinical application】

Case 1. Cerebral thrombosis (Li Ke medical case)

Sun Mou, male, 60 years old. First visit on January 22, 2007. Thirty years ago, he was diagnosed with essential hypertension (high low pressure, continuous at 100-110 mmHg) and cerebral arteriosclerosis. One night 20 years ago, I was awakened suddenly. When I woke up, I found that the upper and lower limbs of my right body were shaking constantly. After shaking for about a dozen times, I stopped, shaking again after half a minute. This was repeated 3 times. The right body was paralyzed and he was diagnosed with cerebral thrombosis. After treatment with Chinese and Western medicine, he recovered but his right half of the body is still inconvenient. Since the beginning of winter, the dizziness has worsened, the fingers are numb, the knees are soft, the tongue is slightly dark, the fur is white and slippery, and the pulse is astringent and weak. The syndrome is fatigue, internal injuries, various weaknesses, long-lasting stroke, poor atmosphere, Yuanyang difficult to compress, phlegm dampness and turbidity blocking the triple burn. The head and face and the Yintang are so dark that it is not a good omen, to prevent sudden changes and try to save the decline.

Imitation Xiaoxunming Decoction Method: 250g Beiqi, 10g Ephedra, 45~200g Heifu Tablets (10g on a daily basis), Angelica sinensis, Guizhi each 45g, Liao Xixin 45g, Chuanxiong, dried ginger each 90g, red ginseng (Separate stew), 30g each of Lingzhi, 10g each of Taohong, 10g of stiff silkworm, 45g of Earthworm, 10g of Shengnanxing, 45g of raw Pinellia, 45g of ginger, 6 each of Qingquan scorpion, and 1 small white flower snake ( Yanchongfu), 30g black beans, 25 jujubes, 45g black fungus, and 10g white mustard seeds. Add 6 kg of water, simmer for 2 hours, remove the slag, decoct and concentrate to 500ml, and serve 3 times.

Second visit: After taking 1 dose, 20 minutes after the medicine, the affected limb appears itch and numbness, such as electric shock, and even sudden muscle jumps. After 3 doses, the foul-smelling and loose stools are relieved, and it feels more relaxed. After 15 doses, the walking posture has improved. For example, it turned out that the right leg must be pushed back every time he takes a step, but now there is no such action. When the aconite is increased to 165g, there is numbness in the whole body, so 10g is subtracted, and the defender continues to take it.

Third diagnosis: After 1 month, the sole of the right foot can be strode vigorously, and the effect is not better. Continue to take 1 month.

Case 2. Stroke (medical case of Yan Qianlin)

Bao Moumou, male, 62 years old. First visit on April 7, 2009. The patient has a history of hypertension for more than ten years and a history of stroke. Head MRI showed that there were multiple ischemic infarcts in both frontal and parietal lobes, lateral ventricles, basal ganglia and brainstem. Current symptoms: weakness of the left lower limb, but can be slightly elevated, can turn over when lying flat, decreased movement of the left hand, paralysis of the right hand and foot, poor stool, difficulty sleeping at night, slow pulse, red tongue, thin white coating. The syndrome is qi deficiency and blood stasis. The treatment is to replenish qi and promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis and dredge collaterals. Fang adds flavor with Xiaoxuanming Decoction.

Medicinal use: raw ephedra 6g, cassia twig 5g, asarum 3g, parsnip 10g, fangji 10g, almond 9g, scutellaria 6g, codonopsis 9g, cooked aconite 6g, chuanxiong 9g, antler 10g, cistanche 15g, dodder 10g, red peony 15g, 15g of Radix Paeoniae Alba, 10g of Angelica, 10g of Magnolia officinalis, 5g of Roasted Licorice.

Second visit: Nearly 1 month after taking the upper part, the left lower limb has been able to move, the right lower limb has also recovered, the appetite is normal, the stool is still not smooth, the dry mouth is not obvious, the phlegm is less, the tongue is red, the coating is thin and yellow, and the pulse is small. That is, use the original recipe to remove Angelica sinensis, add 15g of roasted astragalus, and 10g of turtle shell glue. After nearly 3 months of treatment, the symptoms of fatigue in both lower limbs have been significantly improved compared with before, the left lower limb can start, the right hand and foot can also move slightly, the stool is unobstructed, and other symptoms Also reduce successively.

Original note: The patient is over 60 years old, righteousness day is weak, wind evil takes advantage of the deficiency to invade the veins, blood veins and meridians are blocked, blood gradually stagnates and stasis, blocking the veins, “blood stasis does not go away, new blood does not grow”, cannot Tongrong’s limbs and muscles are painful when the limbs are dragged; after a stroke, the upper and lower levels are deficient, the deficient yang is hyperactive, the phase fire cannot be reset, the kidney-yang is deficient in the lower, and the intestines cannot be moisturized. It is often supplemented with products that warm the kidney-yang. In order to tune up and down, smooth the air machine. Therefore, the teacher used Xiaoxunming Decoction to dispel wind, promote blood circulation and dredge the collaterals, and at the same time add antlers, Cistanche cistanche and Cuscuta seeds for warming yang and nourishing the kidney, warming the kidney and nourishing essence, warming the waist and intestines. Then add roasted astragalus and tortoise shell glue to replenish qi and nourish yin, consolidate the source and clear the source.

Case 3. Essential hypertension (Peng Peichu’s medical case)

XX, male, 68 years old, was admitted to the hospital on March 3, 1999 due to dizziness and swelling for 5 years and worsening for 1 week. Check: blood pressure 165/105mmHg. Fundus examination: arteriosclerosis grade 2. The chest radiograph showed enlarged left ventricle, triglyceride 2.0mmol/L, pale red tongue, teeth marks on the sides, thin white coating, and heavy pulse. Diagnosis: essential hypertension. Stop taking western medicine and switch to Xiaoxunming Decoction: 9g each of Qianghuo and Duhuo 9g, 9g Cassia twig, 9g Ephedra, 9g Red Peony, 12g Fangfeng, 12g Fangji, 9g Aconite, 9g Gardenia, 9g Atractylodes macrocephala, 9g Chuanxiong, 12g Poria cocos , Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi 9g, Zedoary Turmeric 12g, Leech 9g, Plantago Seed 12g. After 2 doses, the symptoms gradually relieved, the headache disappeared, the blood pressure was 120/70mmHg, and he was hospitalized for 25 days, and the blood pressure was stable and discharged.

Original note: Essential hypertension belongs to the category of headwind and dizziness in Chinese medicine. Its pathogenesis can be summarized in four aspects: wind, fire, phlegm, and deficiency. Among them, wind is the first, so Xiaoxuanming Decoction is used to treat it. Fang Zhongqianghuo, Duhuo, wind-defense, self-defense and rheumatism, clear meridian; ephedra and cassia twigs to disperse the lungs and disperse pathogens, cold Sheng with aconite, heat Sheng with Scutellaria baicalensis; Chuanxiong, red peony nourishes blood and invigorates blood; Atractylodes, Poria cocos invigorates the spleen Wet; three-lens, turmeric, leech to remove blood stasis and dredge collaterals. According to clinical observations, this prescription has better antihypertensive effect.

This article is excerpted from “The Forgotten Ancient Recipe”, published by China Traditional Chinese Medicine Press. Author/Zhong Xianggen.


















孙某,男,60岁。2007年1月22日初诊。30年前诊为原发性高血压(低压偏高,持续在100~110 mmHg)、脑动脉硬化。20年前的一天夜里,突然被惊醒,醒时就发现自己右半身的上下肢在不停地抖动,大约抖动了十几下就停下来,间隔半分钟又抖动,如此反复了3次,随后右半身瘫痪,确诊为脑血栓形成。经过中西医治疗,有所恢复但右半身仍行动不便,入冬以来,眩晕加重,手指麻木,膝软,舌质略暗,苔白滑,脉涩无力。证属劳倦内伤,诸虚百损,中风久延,大气不运,元阳难于敷布,痰湿瘀浊阻塞三焦。头面、印堂灰暗,殊非佳兆,为防突变,力挽颓势。